Fragmented embryos

The last transfer I had was a bit complicated, some little hiccup with my cervix meant that I had to have a general anaesthetic for what should be a 1 minute procedure.  To avoid this happening for this transfer, when I had egg pick up a few days ago Dr M put a little probe near my cervix.  I have absolutely no idea what this means.  Anyway, what I do know is  it meant that yesterday’s transfer was pretty much smooth sailing.

At the day hospital whilst waiting for the procedure you have to wait in the recovery room with other women who are there for obviously the same reason.  Knowing there would be  a wait I took a book along which also meant that I didn’t have to join in on the chit chat.  There was one lady in particular who had been prescribed valium so that she would be relaxed for the procedure.  Some of the doctors prescribe this but sadly not Dr M.  Anyway, Valium-girl was very chipper and found the whole process quite fun (thanks of course to the valium I’m sure).  Anyway, she was chatting away to all and sundry and the topic turned to how many eggs and how many embryos.  Turns out I was the only one egg wonder girl but that’s okay I was glad to be there.

Prior to going in, you have  a quick debrief with the scientist.  My scientist is a lovely South African lady – given that she had a very very long catheter in her hand with my potential unborn son or daughter at the end of it I liked her alot.  She told me that our embryo was 4 cell which is exactly what they would want at this stage.  She then said that there were a few fragments but nothing to worry about.  Fragments???  Of course I was going to worry.  She went out of the room and I quickly turned to Dr M and asked about the fragments.  He said it was pretty normal and doesn’t mean much.  Not hugely comforting.  It did then occur to me that I can sometimes feel a bit fragmented so I then decided that little embryo is in good company.

Whilst this is a somewhat anonymous blog the next stage doesn’t really need to be printed.  Let’s just say it involves bright lights, stirrups and earlier mentioned catheter.  I must admit I was pretty calm at this point and remember looking up to the ceiling and having a quiet little word to embryo.

This morning involved another injection – this one a lot more complicated than the others and involves turning the kitchen into a mini drug lab.  I was running late and a bit flustered so when it came to self inject I ended up drawing blood.  Fast forward a quick phone call to the clinic was required to let them know what I had done so as to ensure I hadn’t just poisoned my little embryo.   I blabbered a bit to the nurse and after a long silence (I’m not sure what she was thinking??) she assured me that all is fine.

Back at work, embryo tucked in tight (right about now I’m channelling Marilyn Monroe).


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