About me


The confessions and chronicles of my life where madness and motherhood are not mutually exclusive.  Almost always happily married to my music man (MM) we have a funny, sweet and spirited little boy named Charlie.

I’ve a penchant for Sass & Bide, champagne and Kikki K stationery.  Ballet flats are cute and suit my lifestyle but I much prefer to rock a pair of heels.   I have been desperately hoping that there will be a season six of Offspring and I was so thrilled when they announced its return in 2016 that I even wrote a blog post about it You can read about it here

In between scraping scrambled egg off the floor and banana off the couch, I work part time in my own Recruitment business.  Underperforming ovaries meant that for a number of years I had to swap the champagne for chinese herbs and so this is my story of before and after IVF and everything in between.  If you are experiencing infertility and/or undertaking IVF you might want to head to the archives and read my earlier posts.  If you are on IVF drugs you might like to read about the time I told a man to run the pages of his paper “more quietly” click here for this ridiculous true story

You can subscribe to my blog or click here to contact me.  Read, laugh, cry, relate and I hope enjoy and please stay in touch.
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