kindnessMany of these posts (especially those that relate to the IVF days) lay dormant on my laptop for a couple of years before I had the courage (and the motivation) to put Champagne Days together.  I made the commitment to myself that if I was going to do this then I would do need to be confident to show my vulnerability and to be authentic and brave enough to tell it like it is.    These are my thoughts, real and raw.  The IVF journey is tumultuous and I thought if one person read my blog and gained some insight or felt a little less alone in their own journey then I have achieved something.  The motherhood, mayhem and beyond stuff is an outlet for me to write and it is what it is.

I welcome and would love comments, I sat through a 2 day WordPress course with a bunch of tech savvy kids to learn how to manage posts and comments so please make it worthwhile for me and comment away but as much as I welcome feedback and opinions, please be kind to me and to one another.  Mean and nasty comments that are needless will be deleted.


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