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Rhythm of life

Remember when you would make a mix tape of your favourite music?  I can see myself now, circa 1986, sitting crossed legged on my bedroom floor, pink cassette player in my lap, the radio turned into Radio 10’s top 40 and my fingers on the PLAY RECORD buttons ready to press the moment when one […] Read more…


Thermie dreaming

Reality television and I aren’t really a match.  I find it odd that people went nuts over Gogglebox yet Offspring is no more.  I know it’s subjective and that for every person who sobbed great, fat wet tears when Patrick died (that would be me and it was season four for those living under a […] Read more…


Love. Thy. #Selfie.

So I’m calling it!  Narcissism is at an all time high and you know things aren’t quite right when the Fin Review has a pic of Kim Kardashian to accompany a story.  I’m no fan of Kim but then I’m probably not her target market either.  She’s also on this month’s front cover of Vogue.  […] Read more…


It’s a mad, mad world

Monday morning was a typical day for me.  After attempting to wrestle food into Charlie we headed to the park.  The park isn’t exactly my idea of the most pleasant way to spend my time but for Charlie it is great – fresh air, climbing and sliding (he loves) and swinging about (he mostly tolerates) he […] Read more…


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