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I’m that mother

I’m that mother that you see at the park. The one who has one eye on their child and another on their phone. Funnily enough, I don’t feel that I’m being watched by other mothers and I don’t feel like I’m being judged. I’ve never had anyone give me a look that says “you’re a […] Read more…

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About a friend

fI haven’t felt like writing much this week.  Not so much that I didn’t want to write, I just haven’t felt as though I had anything to say that didn’t seem frothy and irrelevant.  This week my very dear friend lost someone so very close to her, someone she loved immensely, a soul sister.  She and her husband are grief stricken, of course […] Read more…

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The strength of mothers

It’s been a bit of an ordinary week in that I know two mothers having a really shit time right now.  Really confronting stuff and each are hurting for different reasons. One of whom I’ve been friends with forever and a day, a school friend so I’m talking 30 years of history.  Another I don’t know […] Read more…

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Just a spoonful of sugar

When I was returning to work after Charlie was born I was lucky.  MM and I run our own business in recruitment so returning to work though had its challenges, what I didn’t have to worry about was negotiating the terms with my employer.  I am my own employer.  Though these days I feel a […] Read more…

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The mother I wish I was

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about my skill as a mother.  I use the word skills lightly because I’m mostly just winging motherhood, I sure as hell don’t think I’m particularly skilled at it.  I don’t use the word anxious lightly because, well I’m usually anxious about something. Between work, motherhood, being a wife, attempting […] Read more…


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