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mother and son

The mother I wish I was

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about my skill as a mother.  I use the word skills lightly because I’m mostly just winging motherhood, I sure as hell don’t think I’m particularly skilled at it.  I don’t use the word anxious lightly because, well I’m usually anxious about something. Between work, motherhood, being a wife, attempting […] Read more…


Bloody hell

I wish I could say that the next 6 months of pregnancy went without a hitch and that the following months were of zen like pregnancy yoga and glowy skin and hair but that then would be poppycock.  Of course after everything, I loved that I was pregnant and not a day went by when I didn’t feel […] Read more…


A scare and a turtle

A week before Christmas MM and I were due to fly out to the Maldives. Throughout all of this IVF caper, travel was our outlet and the fact that we are lucky to still afford to travel whilst spending our money on fertility treatment does not escape me. When we were planning this holiday it […] Read more…

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