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What I wish I’d known

Every now and then certain pregnancy/parenting topics pop up that start a conversation, create a debate and then usually end up being labelled “mummy wars”.  I don’t buy into the whole mummy war thing – I’ve never personally come across it and I don’t know anyone who has. Unless people are talking about me behind my […] Read more…


Mummy whispering

The funny thing about my IVF journey is that even though I am an optimist by heart and even in my darkest moment, I still did everything I could to remain positive that one day I would have a baby.  Despite this though, there was a big part of me that genuinely felt that it […] Read more…


Here comes the sun

I remember very clearly Anzac Day in 2012.  MM and I always go to the dawn service in the city and this year one of two things were going to occur.  Either we’d be going to the service or we would be going to an embryo transfer.  The service it was.  After a very early breakfast we arrived back […] Read more…

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