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The length and breadth of life

Early last year Prince was due to tour Australia for a number of small and intimate “piano and microphone” shows.  MM and I looked at the dates, looked at our work schedule, looked at flights, the costs and the logistics and promptly and swiftly put the thought in the “too hard” basket.   We really wanted […] Read more…


Here comes the sun

I remember very clearly Anzac Day in 2012.  MM and I always go to the dawn service in the city and this year one of two things were going to occur.  Either we’d be going to the service or we would be going to an embryo transfer.  The service it was.  After a very early breakfast we arrived back […] Read more…


Yawning and huffing

It’s 4.30pm in the afternoon and the fact that I’m still in my pj’s is indicative of how I’m feeling.  It’s been hormone city this week, those progesterone pessaries really do pack a punch. I’ve struggled to write this week because the idea of blogging is to explain how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing […] Read more…


Fragmented embryos

The last transfer I had was a bit complicated, some little hiccup with my cervix meant that I had to have a general anaesthetic for what should be a 1 minute procedure.  To avoid this happening for this transfer, when I had egg pick up a few days ago Dr M put a little probe […] Read more…


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