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colourful thongs on a beach

The truth about holidaying with a toddler

I do this thing when I imagine certain moments and then visualise how exactly I want them to play out.  Expectations. Hopes. Daydreams.  Recently, in the weeks leading up to a family holiday I had this image of the whole week away, a perfect time, joyful and relaxing.  Walks on the beach, Charlie splashing in the waves, sand […] Read more…

Boys finger painting

Just a spoonful of sugar

When I was returning to work after Charlie was born I was lucky.  MM and I run our own business in recruitment so returning to work though had its challenges, what I didn’t have to worry about was negotiating the terms with my employer.  I am my own employer.  Though these days I feel a […] Read more…



  I’ve lived in Brisbane all my life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel overseas but it’s true, there’s no place like home. Kidspot are inviting bloggers (that would be someone like me) to share our thoughts and experiences on the best (top 3) family friendly things to do in our corner of the […] Read more…

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