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What I wish I’d known

Every now and then certain pregnancy/parenting topics pop up that start a conversation, create a debate and then usually end up being labelled “mummy wars”.  I don’t buy into the whole mummy war thing – I’ve never personally come across it and I don’t know anyone who has. Unless people are talking about me behind my […] Read more…

Three candles

This is three

Charlie was just six weeks old when someone said to me that the days are long but the years are short. I was a new mum, truly and madly in love with my son but I also had this weird anxiety about everything so any snippet of wisdom offered to me I grabbed much the […] Read more…

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About a friend

fI haven’t felt like writing much this week.  Not so much that I didn’t want to write, I just haven’t felt as though I had anything to say that didn’t seem frothy and irrelevant.  This week my very dear friend lost someone so very close to her, someone she loved immensely, a soul sister.  She and her husband are grief stricken, of course […] Read more…


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