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Boys finger painting

Just a spoonful of sugar

When I was returning to work after Charlie was born I was lucky.  MM and I run our own business in recruitment so returning to work though had its challenges, what I didn’t have to worry about was negotiating the terms with my employer.  I am my own employer.  Though these days I feel a […] Read more…

mother and son

The mother I wish I was

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about my skill as a mother.  I use the word skills lightly because I’m mostly just winging motherhood, I sure as hell don’t think I’m particularly skilled at it.  I don’t use the word anxious lightly because, well I’m usually anxious about something. Between work, motherhood, being a wife, attempting […] Read more…

Family, love, books

We are family

Flicking through my diary last week I came across the date 26 March.  The square had a little silver heart sticker in it.  A reminder that it would be two years to the day that my Nan passed away.  Though she was 96, her death was a shock to our family. If you knew my Nan […] Read more…


Dear Rosie Batty,

I don’t know you but I know this of you.  You are remarkable. Brave. Passionate. Strong.  How extraordinary it is that you are admired and honoured for something you never would have wished to have been a part of.  You are telling a story that you wish had never been written much less be the […] Read more…


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