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man and child shoes

Fathers and sons

“I defined feminist simply, as someone who believes in the full equality of men and women. Their advice applied broadly: to anyone who wants to raise children who are kind, confident and free to pursue their dreams.” I read this recently in an article published by the New York Times entitled “How to raise a […] Read more…

Three candles

This is three

Charlie was just six weeks old when someone said to me that the days are long but the years are short. I was a new mum, truly and madly in love with my son but I also had this weird anxiety about everything so any snippet of wisdom offered to me I grabbed much the […] Read more…

Father and Son

A few good men

Another day, another series of media reports of males in society screwing it up.  Idiot thugs punching innocent people resulting in the most tragic of outcomes. Silly sportsmen saying inappropriate things all in the name of “just a bit of fun”.  Politicians sending tasteless text messages, men hurting their wives, partners and children.  At worst, […] Read more…


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