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The length and breadth of life

Early last year Prince was due to tour Australia for a number of small and intimate “piano and microphone” shows.  MM and I looked at the dates, looked at our work schedule, looked at flights, the costs and the logistics and promptly and swiftly put the thought in the “too hard” basket.   We really wanted […] Read more…

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Trial by social media

In the last 48 hours or so there has been a shit storm on social media.  A workplace conflict involving two journalists and an outfit mishap.  It could certainly have been handled better.  But hey, we’re all perfect aren’t we?  I have spent 20 years in recruitment so I’ve seen and heard my fair share of workplace […] Read more…

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About a friend

fI haven’t felt like writing much this week.  Not so much that I didn’t want to write, I just haven’t felt as though I had anything to say that didn’t seem frothy and irrelevant.  This week my very dear friend lost someone so very close to her, someone she loved immensely, a soul sister.  She and her husband are grief stricken, of course […] Read more…


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