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One week waaaaiting

My fertility bracelet arrived this week and it is oh so pretty.  It came in its very own pouch with a paper scroll explaining its meaning.  The stones are all symbolic and the crystals have all of their own apparent healing powers.   The moonstone in particular is a stone of new beginnings, a feminine stone that […] Read more…


The back story

I started this blog quite awhile into the whole IVF, baby making journey and so my recent posts have been a bit back dated as to where I’ve come from.  In order to play catch up I’ve decided to write a full post about the last 12 months.  I’m nearing another round of IVF so […] Read more…


Periods & Frocks

My library of fertility related books is growing by the minute.  The only book I damn well want to buy is “What to expect when you are expecting” but alas every time I hit the bookstore this one purchase still alludes me.  Instead it’s “IVF for Dummies” and “The Fertility Bible”.  What idiot thought it would […] Read more…


Nappies & Tampons

  NOVEMBER 2010. Have decided to start writing my journal (which will eventually become a blog when I become tech savvy enough to sort that out) because if I don’t have some kind of outlet it’s possible I’ll stab someone.  Day one of a cycle that I never thought I’d see.  I did EVERYTHING right […] Read more…


IVF clinics and the unspoken

IVF clinics are not for the faint hearted.  Before you even get started you have to contend with a truckload of baby photo collages all over the walls.  I’m sure this is designed to keep you motivated and in truth it is kind of inspiring.  The staff are just lovely but it does feel a […] Read more…


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