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What you need to know about returning to work after maternity leave

There is loads of commentary about what you need to think about should you decide to return to work after maternity leave.  Between LinkedIn and Facebook, everyone has an opinion on the whole return to work discussion, the logistics, employee rights, employer rights, childcare, what to wear.  All of these things are important and require […] Read more…

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The mother I wish I was

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about my skill as a mother.  I use the word skills lightly because I’m mostly just winging motherhood, I sure as hell don’t think I’m particularly skilled at it.  I don’t use the word anxious lightly because, well I’m usually anxious about something. Between work, motherhood, being a wife, attempting […] Read more…

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We are family

Flicking through my diary last week I came across the date 26 March.  The square had a little silver heart sticker in it.  A reminder that it would be two years to the day that my Nan passed away.  Though she was 96, her death was a shock to our family. If you knew my Nan […] Read more…

Father and Son

A few good men

Another day, another series of media reports of males in society screwing it up.  Idiot thugs punching innocent people resulting in the most tragic of outcomes. Silly sportsmen saying inappropriate things all in the name of “just a bit of fun”.  Politicians sending tasteless text messages, men hurting their wives, partners and children.  At worst, […] Read more…


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