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Infertility. What not to say.

So here’s the thing. I often say silly stuff that I wish I hadn’t said. Not because I’m insensitive and thoughtless but because I don’t know what else to say and so I end up saying something profoundly stupid. There’s a certain irony in me writing a piece on “what not to say.”  This is not […] Read more…


Don’t bake and inject

Last weekend I kept thinking ‘Ooh, next weekend I might be pregnant” and so when this weekend finally arrived and I was very not pregnant my emotions were surprisingly ok.   We were quite busy and there wasn’t a lot of time to dwell and I knew I had Dr M’s appointment coming up so I […] Read more…


Fragmented embryos

The last transfer I had was a bit complicated, some little hiccup with my cervix meant that I had to have a general anaesthetic for what should be a 1 minute procedure.  To avoid this happening for this transfer, when I had egg pick up a few days ago Dr M put a little probe […] Read more…


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