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Yawning and huffing

It’s 4.30pm in the afternoon and the fact that I’m still in my pj’s is indicative of how I’m feeling.  It’s been hormone city this week, those progesterone pessaries really do pack a punch. I’ve struggled to write this week because the idea of blogging is to explain how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing […] Read more…


Fragmented embryos

The last transfer I had was a bit complicated, some little hiccup with my cervix meant that I had to have a general anaesthetic for what should be a 1 minute procedure.  To avoid this happening for this transfer, when I had egg pick up a few days ago Dr M put a little probe […] Read more…


One week waaaaiting

My fertility bracelet arrived this week and it is oh so pretty.  It came in its very own pouch with a paper scroll explaining its meaning.  The stones are all symbolic and the crystals have all of their own apparent healing powers.   The moonstone in particular is a stone of new beginnings, a feminine stone that […] Read more…


2 weeks waaaaaiting

In TTC world (Trying to Conceive) the 2 week wait is known as the 2ww.  (And you thought it was just the kids that had all the fun with acronyms).  We are technically day 2 of the 2ww.  Despite a 1% chance of falling pregnant naturally and whilst we are readying for another shot at […] Read more…

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