The rollercoaster ride takes off


The thing about roller coaster rides is that when you are on the ride you can see what’s coming.  You can see when you are approaching a steep climb and you know when you are about to go for a nose dive.  IVF has been described as a roller coaster ride, only you can’t see what’s coming.

The last 24 hours have been a bit a tough.  I arrived for egg pick up yesterday all cool and calm.  Not cocky but hey, I’m the girl with 3 good eggs and a great lining so things were good.  Soon after waking up things were about to change.  I was Dr M’s last patient for the day and apparently still asleep when he came round to speak to me.  The nurses are truly wonderful so I didn’t envy the job of the nurse who had to come and tell me that we had only gotten one egg.  What the?????  Suddenly the odds were stacked up against me and so it was that I was discharged feeling like utter crap.   The nurses were instructed to get Dr M on the phone when I had woken up so that he could talk to me.  Let’s just say I can’t fault the service.  Anyway, Dr M said he knew I would be disappointed, he was disappointed but he could only get one.  He said he “scratched around in there for awhile” and judging by the cramps I’ve been experience he bloody well did indeed.

The instructions were for me to call this morning with the news to see if my one little egg had overnight magically and miraculously (to me, pregnancy truly is a miracle) turned in to an embryo.

I haven’t slept well, I have had cramps, I have cried, I have felt sorry for myself and I have prayed.

I am now happy.  I am now blessed and I am now very very grateful.

As it happens my hit rate for fertilisation is pretty good.  100% in fact.  Egg is now embryo, transfer scheduled tomorrow.

Thank you God.


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