Thermie dreaming

shutterstock_174490343Reality television and I aren’t really a match.  I find it odd that people went nuts over Gogglebox yet Offspring is no more.  I know it’s subjective and that for every person who sobbed great, fat wet tears when Patrick died (that would be me and it was season four for those living under a rock) someone else was lamenting the outcome of a certain rose ceremony (yawn).

So anyway, I found myself in a bit of a wistful mood the other night and didn’t really feel like watching anything too intense, newsy, or gloomy and I didn’t really feel like reading (it must have been some mood because I ALWAYS feel like reading) so as it happened I found myself in front of my first Masterchef episode.  What the what?  Where do these contestants come from and why aren’t I friends with any of them?  What cracking dinner parties they must have.  There was a 20 year old man/child who made this freaking awesome looking dessert using fancy pants techniques that I don’t even know how to spell let alone execute, not to mention to do so with a camera shoved in my face.

My relationship with our kitchen is a little bit like an unrequited love.  I really want to love my kitchen, I want to love to cook, and I want to enjoy being in the kitchen but the problem is my kitchen does not have the same mutual affection towards me. I’m not a bad cook but I’m average at best.  I can make an edible and decent meal and I do so for most of the working week but that’s pretty much where things are at.  I’m talking hit and miss.  Consistent I am not.  I can, in one week burn cheese on toast and then the next night whip up a seafood paella.  Shame really because cheese on toast is really delicious.  When life tosses you around like a salad, cheese on toast is a little bit of magic.

So I’m thinking of getting a thermomix.

I could buy lots of lovely, pretty things from Sass and Bide or I could bye a Thermie (as apparently they are affectionately known). I’ve even thought about what I would name Thermie and where it would sit on the kitchen bench but I haven’t thought about how I would use it and if I would use it enough to get any value.  This coming from someone who still has features on her iPhone she doesn’t know about.  Spending the equivalent of a really good day at Sass and Bide on a kitchen appliance is a bit risky.  When I mentioned the possibility of bringing a Thermie into the family dynamic MM laughed at me and asked me when was the last time I used the sandwich maker.   Harsh.

Of course I know that I have idealistic views of what a Thermomix could do to my life.  I have visions of MM coming home and I’m all swishing hair, I’m wearing lipstick, Charlie is quietly reading, the house is immaculate and a three course meal awaits.

So, Thermomix yes or no?  And if so, can it do grilled cheese on toast??




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